Prokofiev rolls while Chapela tries to rock:  Dudamel, Moser, and the LA Phil
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Prokofiev rolls while Chapela tries to rock: Dudamel, Moser, and the LA Phil

“Let’s rrrrock this place.” Gustavo Dudamel wasn’t talking about the Prokofiev 5th Symphony when he made that comment from the stage at Walt Disney Concert Hall, but he could have been.  In fact,  he should have been.  On a Friday night when the performance of  a newly commisioned work for electric cello should have provided … Continue reading

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Atlanta critics get some funding; a concertmaster proposes creatively hilarious ways to get some too

Arts critics have been under siege for the past few years.  Many have been losing their jobs outright, while others have been asked to spend substantial time on other topics.  So it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that in Atlanta, someone is actually giving critics money to write about the arts.  Here’s the notice: Possible … Continue reading

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Something familiar, something peculiar, something for everyone . . .

A smattering of things to bring up: Forgot to mention  . . . I was remiss in leaving this weekend’s Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra concerts off my previous post of less-publicized upcoming concerts.  Jeffrey Kahane and crew will be doing the Beethoven 3rd Symphony (“Eroica”) along with the Dvořák Nocturne in B major. Adding to the … Continue reading

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Some upcoming So Cal performances I can’t attend, but you should

The joy of living in Southern California is that the area offers so much to see/hear/experience; however, there is only limited space on my calendar and limited resources in my wallet, so I can’t do everything I would want.  So with upcoming chunks of my time already being occupied by LA Phil performances, a Foo … Continue reading

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What is your favorite performance of a warhorse?

After Friday night’s Los Angeles Philharmonic concert, I had separate communications with two distinguished gentlemen about where that particular performance of Symphonie fantastique ranked among all of the others they had experienced.   Interestingly enough, I realized I couldn’t name a single favorite – no individual performance of the Berlioz standard stood out in my mind, … Continue reading