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Game day decision: Haitink and the New York Philharmonic


It is my last full day in NY, and as luck would have it, I was able to wrap up my Day Job responsibilities a little earlier than originally anticipated.  After pondering some options,  I decided to dash over to Lincoln Center to see Bernard Haitink  conduct the “other” Philharmonic. 

The program is decidedly middle-of-the-road (for which The New York Times took the orchestra to task):
– Strauss:  Don Quixote
– Beethoven:  Symphony No. 6

I didn’t think I’d be doing more Strauss so soon after Zarathustra.  On the other hand, I’d never seen Mr. Haitink conduct before in person, and this was the best chance I was going to have for the forseeable future. In addition, there are other more mundane reasons for my choice (of which I’ll spare you for now).

After this, I’ve gotta find a place for dinner, start blogging about my various NY experiences, and gleefully look forward to being back in Southern California.

3 thoughts on “Game day decision: Haitink and the New York Philharmonic

    • I don’t dislike Strauss, I just usually don’t make a point of seeing his work performed unless there’s another good reason. In this case, the reasons were pretty compelling:
      – Mr. Haitink. Period.
      – Mr. Haitink conducting the Beethoven 6th.
      – The chance to hear two of the NY Phil’s principals, Carter Brey and Cynthia Phelps, prominently featured
      – The chance to sit in center orchestra seats instead of in one of the upper tiers as I’d done in my previous visits to AFH

      Glad I did. Review forthcoming


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