About All is Yar

After being established in 2011, All is Yar quickly became one of the most respected culture blogs based in Los Angeles.

It is now a leading source of opinionated, unbiased, and fiercely independent reviews and observations about music — especially classical music — with occasional musings and rants about drink, food, style, architecture, gadgets and more  (. . . is it just me, or is this list is starting to sound like Maxim magazine’s original raison d’etre that they used to put on the top of every issue?).

All is Yar continues to expand its reach beyond its home base of Southern California.  Published concert reviews include jaunts to the Ravinia Festival in Chicago and the New York Philharmonic in Avery Fisher Hall.  The site has been quoted by The Cleveland Orchestra, the St. Louis Symphony, and many publications across North America and Europe.  Additional forays to other cities will continue as time permits.

Legal Stuff

All original content on this blog (including, but not limited to, text, images, video, other media) is the sole property of the owner of this blog, writing as “CK Dexter Haven.” All rights are reserved.

Use of original content created by CK Dexter Haven by any third party is permitted only if it is credited to:

“CK Dexter Haven, All is Yar (allisyar.com)”

Where applicable, any original content published on All is Yar which is created by others (including, but not limited to, text, images, video, and other media) CANNOT be used unless prior authorization is received from All is Yar; if/when such authorization is received, both the creator of the content AND “All is Yar (allisyar.com)” must be credited.

Any content from other sources which has subsequently been used on All is Yar has been documented as much as possible; no copyright infringement is intended and no claim is made on that information, data, or media.  No responsibility is taken for any content outside of this website, including, but not limited to, websites, free offers, and free downloads.

Regardless of the source of any content on this website, All is Yar and its publisher make absolutely no warranties, expressed or implied, on any information provided or content herein.

The views expressed on this blog are solely those of the author(s) and not those of any client or employer.

One thought on “About All is Yar

  1. Howdy. I renewed my LA Phil subscription today, and checked out the orchestra’s current roster.

    Andrew Bain is listed as on sabbatical and the associate first horn is vacant.

    Changes in the brass, Wonder if Andrew is working elsewhere for a season?


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