Happy National Scotch Day!
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Happy National Scotch Day!

Ladies and Laddies, today is the 2015 edition of National Scotch Day.  Congratulations and slàinte to everyone out there! I’ll be celebrating by taking a dram or three from a new bottle of Old Pulteney 12 Year Old whisky that my cousin kindly gifted me for my birthday a few months ago.  I’ve never had … Continue reading

Scotch:  A helpful multi-media pronunciation guide
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Scotch: A helpful multi-media pronunciation guide

For many people, learning to drink scotch is a lot easier than learning how to pronounce the names on the bottles.  Have you ever wondered whether “BAL-ven-ie” or “Bal-VEN-ie” is the correct way to say The Balvenie?  Or perhaps you didn’t know Glenmorangie is supposed to be pronounced “Glen-MOR-an-gie.” Let’s not even get started attempting … Continue reading

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Is “The Gospel According to the Other Mary” mis-named?

I’m killing time before this evening’s Los Angeles Philharmonic concert by drinking an old fashioned — a really good one, BTW, care of the bartender at the Omni Hotel near Walt Disney Concert Hall. Anyways, I started thinking about tonight’s world premiere of The Gospel According to the Other Mary, a modern bit of social … Continue reading

Visiting the speakeasies of New York:  Please Don’t Tell (PDT)
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Visiting the speakeasies of New York: Please Don’t Tell (PDT)

At first blush, Please Don’t Tell (or “PDT” as it is often called) takes the nouveau speakeasy concept of Milk & Honey — nondescript entrance leading to bar with limited seating manned by a mixologist — up a notch or two.  Despite those similarities, a visit to the two venues feels completely different:  where Milk … Continue reading

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I’ll take a green one, and a blue one, and a gold one . . . (Johnnie Walker tasting event)

“I love scotch.  Scotchy scotch scotch.  Here it goes down — down into my belly.  Mmmm mmm mmm.”  – Ron Burgundy “Champagne’s funny stuff. I’m used to whiskey. Whiskey is a slap on the back, and champagne’s heavy mist before my eyes.”  – Macaulay Connor Scotch tasting events have been popping up with increasing frequency.  One day it’s The Glenlivet, the next day Glenfiddich, then an … Continue reading