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There’s still time left to celebrate National Scotch Day

Happy Friday.  More importantly, Happy National Scotch Day.

No, seriously, it’s National Scotch Day — for real.

If you didn’t know that, you’ve admittedly lost a good chunk of your opportunity to celebrate on the actual day of honour (see what I did there by putting a “u” in, just like the Scots do?).  Good thing I told you while there were still some hours in the day to raise a dram and do the day up right.

Not a fan of scotch whisky, but still want to partake? Are you scared by some past experience you may have had or by what another person may have told you?  Have no fear, and allow me to recommend something for you, the rookie:

Highland Park.

Some purists may scoff at the notion of having a blended whisky, but not me.  I may have more single malt in stashed away in my house than blends, but I am happy to enjoy  Chivas, Johnnie Walker, and Dewars.  All that said, Highland Park — a single malt from Orkney — would be my first recommendation, especially for someone who may be new to this fine beverage.  It is smooth, flavorful, and eminently drinkable — especially in the version with an 18-year-old age statement.

If you’re looking for a recommendation for where you can find some of the good stuff, click HERE for one person’s suggestions of six excellent locales in Los Angeles.  Among them, I’d personally recommend Seven Grand, a truly great temple to all things whisk(e)y, but the other places work too.  (If you live somewhere else — um, well, you’re on your own).

So pour yourself a dram, raise a glass to your tape-delayed broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremonies (complete with pre-recorded music played by musicians who were told that they’d be recording the music and faking it in the stadium, all for free).

Cheers!  Or better yet, as the Scots would say:  Sláinte!!

One thought on “There’s still time left to celebrate National Scotch Day

  1. Lucky Detroit! So sorry to hear LA Phil did not award David Buck tenure and he is leaving at the end of the Bowl Season. We have thoroughly enjoyed him and his flute and will miss him. Hope he knows how much the public enjoyed and appreciated him. Good luck.


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