Great moments in film music:  <i>Being John Malkovich</i>
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Great moments in film music: Being John Malkovich

Inspired by Tim Mangan’s identically titled blog series, I offer up two brief scenes from Being John Malkovich which use the same excerpt from the second movement of Music for Strings, Percussion, and Celesta by Béla Bartók. The first is the opening scene of the movie featuring  some startlingly life-like puppetry (John Cusack plays the puppeteer). The second … Continue reading

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Comparing guest conductors’ rehearsal styles: how to endear yourself to an orchestra — or not

“The art of conducting lies, in my opinion, in the power of suggestion that a conductor exerts – on the audience as well as on the orchestra,” the conductor Otto Klemperer once observed. “A conductor must know how to hold attention. He must be able to lead the players with his eyes and the movements … Continue reading