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Beer with drinking instructions on the cork

I ordered a bottle of “Damnation” by Russian River Brewing Company.  Surprise #1 was that it came with a cork like a bottle of sparkling wine.  Upon popping it open (turn the bottle, not the cork), Surprise #2 was that there were instructions for choosing the proper glasswork printed right there on the side of the cork.  First time I’ve seen that from any beverage that wasn’t a can or bottle of Guinness Draught.

As it turns out, the beer turned out to be a Belgian Style strong golden ale — Surprise #3.  As I’m not a fan of this type of beer, this surprise was not quite as amusing as the first two.  If only the drinking establishment had grouped it with the other Belgian-style beers, I would have gone with something more like an Boont Amber, Racer 5, or an Alley Cat.  As it stands, I learned something new at the expense of $8.

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