Writing Pseudonymously

My friend, Carmela Ciuraru (not a pseudonym), continues to gain much positive attention for her most recent book, Nom de Plume:  A (Secret) History of Pseudonyms (Harper Collins).   Carmela is a wonderful writer with an arrestingly dry sense of humor*, and she takes an interesting concept (which, not-so-shockingly, is near and dear to my heart) and expands upon it to share new stories and points of view about writers we thought we already knew.

Some links to the various coverage about the book:

. . . and many, many more.  So without further ado, I strongly suggest you follow the distinguished Ms. Atwood’s lead and get yourself a copy of Nom de Plume right now:

  • From Amazon HERE
  • From Barnes & Noble HERE
  • From IndieBound HERE
  • All of Carmela’s books available at legendary Pasadena bookstore Vroman’s HERE
  • Other online retailers HERE

*(Non sequitur with regards to Carmela’s sense of humor:  if you get a chance to meet her, ask her whether or not she enjoys Broadway musicals and why)

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