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Atlanta critics get some funding; a concertmaster proposes creatively hilarious ways to get some too

Arts critics have been under siege for the past few years.  Many have been losing their jobs outright, while others have been asked to spend substantial time on other topics.  So it came as a pleasant surprise to learn that in Atlanta, someone is actually giving critics money to write about the arts.  Here’s the notice:

Possible Futures, an Atlanta-based foundation, has announced new awards in support of local arts criticism, including a $20,000 challenge grant to this publication.

The grants are the second that Possible Futures founder Louis Corrigan has made to both ArtsCriticATL and

“Vibrant cities require great art,” said Corrigan in a statement, “and meaningful arts criticism is vital in that it challenges artists to do their best work and helps a broad audience understand and appreciate that work.”

(To read more details from, click HERE)

This is not the first time I’ve heard of arts criticism moving towards the model of a not-for-profit being supported by enlightened philanthropy.  Not sure if there is enough cultural-minded largess to make this the primary model, but any attempt to keep educated and well-trained professionals doing this job, we should pray that there is more of it.


There are certainly other creative ways to get your non-profit arts-related organization some money.  Frank Almond, blogger and concertmaster of the Milwaukee Symphony, offers up a list of fines that should be imposed upon wayward individuals within an organization, whether management and musician.

Just a small example of possible offenses and the accompanying fine:


  • Visible ponytail (male):  $500
  • Any reference to a “20 hour workweek”:  $3,000
  • Using the words “Detroit”, “Philadelphia” and “new model” in the same sentence:  $2,000

Musicians, presumptuous first year behavior

  • Musicological Elucidation:  $25
  • Historical Nitpicking:  $50
  • Questioning Concertmaster’s or Principal’s Bowings (strings):  $25
  • Comparing Concertmaster’s or Principal’s bowings with what  Philadelphia did under Ormandy:  $100
Musician, Annoying Behavior By Veterans
  • Discussing Technique During Rehearsal:  $100
  • Discussing Technique During Break:  $200
  • Discussing Technique With Guest Artist (at any time):  $500

For the complete list of these gems and to perhaps suggest some of your own, click HERE to go to Mr. Almond’s blog, “Non Divisi.”

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