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Meeting Mozart

Mozart, prior to arriving in Los Angeles

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?  The REAL Mozart?  Today?

Stephen T. Harper, writer extraordinaire, did.  Or perhaps instead of wondering, he and his awesome wife, Christie Harper, actually met the guy.  It’s tough to tell . . . they are both friends of All is Yar, so you never know.

For your reading enjoyment, I strongly recommend that you visit SHarper Blog and read “Conversations with Dead Geniuses: Mozart”

While you’re there, read some of Steve’s other stories.  Or better yet, download and read Steve’s book, King’s X.

Happy reading, and again, Happy Thanksgiving!


Photo credit:  from the painting by Johann Nepomuk Della Croce, Salzburg Mozarteum

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