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Promotions and additions in the LA Phil viola section

In case you haven’t been paying close attention to the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s roster (and who does, really?), the orchestra’s Assistant Principal Viola chair that had been vacant since the beginning of the 2011/2012 winter season is now filled.  Ben Ullery, a former Minnesota Orchestra player who joined the LA Phil viola section just last year, has been promoted to the position.  He played a trial earlier this season which apparently went pretty well.

Mr. Ullery becomes the second Colburn Conservatory alum to win a titled chair with the orchestra this season (as previously mentioned, Tao Ni won the Associate Principal Cello auditions).   With Rose Lombardo becoming the new Principal Flute of the San Diego Symphony and Nigel Armstrong being a featured soloist with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, former Colburn students are doing quite well for themselves in the local scene as of late.

Michael Larco, Assistant Principal Viola of the Rochester Philharmonic, was the other finalist for the position; he played his trial during the first week of the “Mahler Project.”  Word on the street is that Mr. Larco was offered a section position within the orchestra, but has not yet officially joined the LA Phil.

Photo credits:

  • Ben Ullery:  Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
  • Michael Larco:  Rochester Philharmonic

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