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Official holder of an LA Opera “tweet seat”

Earlier today, I received notice from the folks at Los Angeles Opera that I’ve been given one of their “tweet seats.”   Not sure what that means?  Here’s  how they described it on their online application:

We are looking for a few awesome people who are active in social media to attend the final dress rehearsal of Simon Boccanegra and tweet, Facebook, G+ and blog throughout the entire performance. We want your authentic opinions and thoughts, and perhaps even a scene-by-scene recap of the onstage action. In other words, we’ll give you an opera ticket in exchange for your stellar social media skills!

As if I needed any more excuses to think highly of myself, LA Opera officially considers me one of “a few awesome people.”  Isn’t that nice?  Oh, and I get to hear Placido Domingo perform (and as a baritone, no less).  That most probably won’t suck.

I’ve gotta be honest — I didn’t think I’d get picked, so I haven’t yet considered how I’m going to approach this.  Total stream of consciousness or scene-by-scene summaries?  Twitter only or somehow tied to the blog?   I’ll have to think about it a bit and get back to everyone.

In the meantime, if you are on Twitter, please follow me at https://twitter.com/#!/MrCKDH.   Then, make sure to block off your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, February 8th.  I know you’ll all be waiting in breathless anticipation.


Photo credit:  courtesy of Los Angeles Opera

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