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LA Phil’s history with Mozart’s Posthorn Serenade

Following up regarding my last post about Friday night’s Los Angeles Philharmonic concert, here’s one extra little tidbit about Mozart’s Posthorn Serenade and the orchestra:

  • As stated in both printed and online version of the program notes, the first performance was March 26, 1942, with George Szell conducting.
  • Until this season, the most recent performance was one day later, March 27, 1942, again with Mr. Szell on the podium.

I realize that this serenade isn’t exactly regular fare, but I was a bit surprised to know that it hasn’t been played by the local band in over 70 years!  I guess this qualifies as a forgotten gem of sorts, at least around these parts.

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One thought on “LA Phil’s history with Mozart’s Posthorn Serenade

  1. I saw the note about the original performance but hadn’t realized that it hadn’t been done in 70 years. Amazing.


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