The end of a short, but unexpected, hiatus

It really wasn’t just one single thing.

Mostly, various unexpected events got in the way.  The kind of stuff that not only takes up time on the calendar, but also space in the psyche.  Usually, the trials and tribulations of life motivate me to write more, to use this medium as a respite from . . . well, everything else.

But this time around, not so much.  The words just didn’t flow — or at least, didn’t flow in a way that was worthy of posting.  I’d spent more than a few days taking four or five hours to write, only to re-read the stuff later and realize it was unpublishable crap.  Thankfully, I found some solace and motivation from Tim Mangan’s recent post (HERE).  It kinda helps knowing that others with longer resumes and bigger stages experience something resembling the same thing.

There were also the occasional technology hiccups.  One example: it’s never a good thing when your trusty computer actually tells you to “double panic” when you boot up (as if a single panic isn’t quite enough).

In any case, I’m back.

Got a couple of concerts from late January I’ve been dying to write about (LACO/Rilling and Yefim Bronfman’s recital), not to mention the slew of 2013/2014 season announcements being made around the country.  And for those of you who’ve been requesting more extra-musical content, I’ve got stories of a trip to Santa Barbara County wine country and a couple of restaurant reviews to boot.  Oh, and tonight, I’ve got Charles Dutoit and the LA Phil.

Intermission is done.  It’s time to get back in my seat.

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