Please excuse the mess

Open During Construction

As you may have noticed, posts during June have slowed down. That’s because the All is Yar IT Department (that’s me) has been co-opting time and energy from the All is Yar Editorial Department (still me) to develop the first design refresh of this website in two years.

Unfortunately, like many remodeling projects, this one has taken longer and required more resources than I original thought it would.  So rather than wait any longer, I’ve decided to roll out the new design while I’m still working out the bugs.  Consider it the Beta test or even All is Yar v2.0.0 with multiple updates to follow quickly.

Among the biggest changes you’ll notice is the nifty slider highlighting two or three posts.  These won’t necessarily be the most current posts, just stuff that I think is worth keeping a spotlight on for a little while.  Below that will be the usual chronological listing of posts, though posts in the highlight section at the top will NOT be included again in that area.

During this time, things may change, pictures may disappear and reappear, and some links and menus may evolve.   If you have any specific feedback (good/bad/indifferent), please feel free to leave it in the comments.

In the meantime, new posts — including a few reviews that have not yet been published — will resume soon.  As always, thanks for your continued readership.

6 thoughts on “Please excuse the mess

  1. Must express my extreme outrage about your appalling choice of header music, because it is so blatantly racist! Would it hurt you so much to include at least a couple of token ebony notes among all those many scores of annoyingly insistent ivories? Where is any semblance of diversity?? Shameful, just shameful.


    • Rather strong words, especially coming from someone whose primary instrument has no keys of any color, but hey, it’s a free country . . .

      How would your thoughts change if I told you that I only play that piece on harpischord, which means that all those notes would actually be played on ebony keys???!!


  2. Obviously, i was thinking of the instrument which introduces this “tune” in the piece. My answer to your question should probably be: racism is racism no matter which way it is directed… Somehow however, what seemed to me pretty funny initially, does not feel so anymore. It is not a kind of “joke” on which one can enjoy lingering for too long.


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