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But first, the bad news

why-oh-why-oh-whyHere in Los Angeles, we are still in the midst of celebrating season opening night concerts at L.A. Opera, L.A. Chamber Orchestra,  L.A. Master Chorale, and L.A. Philharmonic, among other fine institutions.

While my review of last night’s LA Phil gala is forthcoming, two sad stories from other cities remind us just how fortunate — dare I say, “truly blessed” — we are in Southern California to have such a relevant, vibrant, and forward-thinking classical music scene:

  1. New York City Opera announced that it will close its doors, file for bankruptcy, and dissolve the company
    The New York Times summarizes the situation
    A January 2012 article in Opera News details what led to it.  (Props to Alex Ross for reminding us all about it)
  2. Minnesota Orchestra’s downward spiral accelerates as Osmo Vänskä resigns his Music Director post and the orchestra’s Carnegie Hall concerts are cancelled.
    – Minnesota Public Radio describes the latest.
    – Vänskä’s relatively terse and politically correct resignation letter is HERE.
    Song of the Lark has yet to comment, but given that her blog continues to be the most detailed source of information of this debacle, I doubt I’m the only one waiting.

In response to both, Mr. Ross has dubbed yesterday as “Black Monday.”

Lisa Hirsch provides links to lots of detailed coverage HERE and HERE, and says what she’d do if she were in charge.

My thoughts and prayer continue for the musicians and staff in both organizations.

Just to show that things are far from perfect here in Southern California, public radio station KPCC offers this troubling story on the backlog of broken musical instruments at L.A. Unified School District.

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