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Sway for me on a Mardi Gras day (because Preservation Hall Jazz Band says so)

Preservation Hall Jazz BandIn honor of Fat Tuesday 2014, I offer you the magnificent Preservation Hall Jazz Band with one of the oldest Mardi Gras songs around:
“Tootie Ma is a Big Fine Thing.”

In fact, since I’m feeling generous, here are two different versions of “Tootie Ma . . . ”

  • The video above features a pared-down subset of the band featuring the foursome of Clint Maedgen on lead vocals and tenor sax, the timeless Charlie Gabriel on clarinet and backing vocals, and Ben Jaffe and Ronnell Johnson on sousaphones
  • Below is a much earthier version, with the full band being joined by Tom Waits on lead vocals playing on a limited release 78rpm vinyl recording.

One thought on “Sway for me on a Mardi Gras day (because Preservation Hall Jazz Band says so)

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