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Music Video: post-April-Fool’s-Day classical music fun and silliness, care of the excellent duoW

duoW - sono luminus recording sessionI hope you survived April Fool’s Day without a scratch to either your person or psyche.  I witnessed some good-natured April Fool’s Day pranks, and managed to fall victim to none of it.

FWIW:  I’m a big fan of silly fun, and feel that there’s not enough of it during the other 364 days of the year besides April 1st.  So in the spirit of providing some silliness on a day you may not expect it, allow me to present  the recent irreverently slapstick music video by duoW, featuring Arianna Warsaw-Fan (violin) and Meta Weiss (cello).

duow-entendre-blu-ray-audio-coverYou may ask, “Why this?”  Well, for starters, watching the two of them tussle with Marilyn Monroe and a pair of Secret Service agents in the style of a Keystone Cops silent film is  funny, not to mention running completely counter to the stereotype of classical musicians being overly dour and uptight.  Second, their rendition of Bruce Dukov’s  arrangement of Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever (in the style of Wieniawski) is very well done and worth listening to all on its own.  Lastly, the two ladies are — let’s face it — rather pretty.

So to summarize:  funny, talented, and attractive.  ‘Nuff said about that.

Of course, the two of them play other stuff too, and I encourage you to check out their website (  There, you can hear clips (HERE) from their excellent 2013 release, “Entendre,” which features works by Kodaly, Ravel, Halverson, Servais/Léonard, plus The Stars and Stripes Forever from the video.  Enjoy!


Photo credits:  courtesy of Arianna Warsaw-Fan


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