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VIDEO: The best combination of music, beer, and technology ever devised

Sing "O Canada" and get free beer (thanks to Molson)Yesterday was Canada Day (aka “Canada’s Birthday”), and I trust my Canadian friends spent the day doing appropriately Canadian-ish things — you know, like singing “O Canada” and drinking an appropriately Canadian alcoholic beverage.

With that in mind, the good folks at Molson Brewing honored Canada Day by sharing the most ingenious and wonderful kind of vending machine I can imagine:  it dispenses free bottles of Molson for the low, low price of singing “O Canada.”  Seriously.

Sing the wrong words or the wrong tune, and the box scoffs at you, emitting a loud, ugly buzz and refusing to give you free beer — which makes me think that William Shatner’s rendition would leave him thirsty.

Do it right — even on kazoo — and as if like magic, the doors open to reveal frosty cold goodness.

Makes me very sad that I haven’t seen one of these contraptions around greater Los Angeles, especially in the South Bay where the high concentration of hockey fans make it the most likely place to find Angelenos who know how to sing the Canadian National Anthem.  Imagine flip-flop wearing, bikini clad denizens belting out such priceless lyrics as “With glowing hearts we see thee rise, the True North strong and free!” as the sand trickles through their toes.  It warms my heart — my music adoring, hockey crazy, beer loving heart — just thinking about it. . . .

OK, gotta go.  My email campaign to Molson starts today.  Have to convince them to get us some of those magical “O Canada” fridges in time for Canada Day 2015.  Or if we’re really lucky, we’ll have them just a few months from now in time for the start of the NHL season as the Los Angeles Kings defend their Stanley Cup championship.  So start practicing now, people:  “O Canada, we stand on guard . . . FOR . . . THEEEEEEEEE!”


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