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My interview with LA Phil’s Andrew Bain and Tom Hooten for LA Weekly

Tom Hooten and Andrew Bain (photo by CK Dexter Haven)

I’m pleased to announce that the good folks at LA Weekly have asked me to start writing for them on a freelance basis.  The first of what I hope will be many articles and reviews in that publication is “An Ex-Marine and a Former Basketball Referee Walk Into Disney Hall…,” an interview with Andrew Bain and Tom Hooten, bad-ass principal musicians with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, in anticipation of their concerto performances tonight through Sunday:

Writing in the same publication that for decades hosted one of my favorite music critics of all time, the great Alan Rich, is a noteworthy milestone for me, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m rather proud of the accomplishment.

But rest assured, fans of All is Yar, this website is not going anywhere.  For starters, some parts of the conversation didn’t make it into that piece, and I’ll publish some outtakes tomorrow that some of you may find interesting and amusing.  Much more to come in addition to that.

Thank you for your support.


Photo credit:  CK Dexter Haven

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