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Music critic Tim Mangan gets laid off, quick notes from Ojai, and an anniversary

Hello, everyone.  If you’re shocked that I’ve actually published something three days in a row, join the club.297468_106318039478187_1419094622_n

I realize that I’ve not been publishing at the rate I have in the past.  I’m working on changing that.  It’s not that I haven’t been writing; I have.  It’s just hasn’t made it here to All is Yar.  You should be seeing things with more regularity again.  I won’t/can’t promise any particular level of frequency, but I will say that I’m shooting for at least once a week, if not more often.

In any case, that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

I’ll quickly start by saying that I’ve seen three concerts so far at this year’s Ojai Festival (one Thursday night and two earlier today), and they have all been very much worth it.  I’ll be attending one more late tonight and then head back down to LA tomorrow.  Detailed reviews for all of it will come in a few days.

More importantly, please join me in offering thoughts and prayers to Timothy Mangan: the kick-ass music critic, erstwhile trombonist, and all-around gentleman was laid off by the Orange County Register yesterday after being in their employ for nearly two decades.

This sucks on sooooo many fronts.  I have much to say in response, some of which would require more profanities than the All is Yar style guide would allow, while the rest will require more time to cogently share than is adequate this evening.  It may take me a few days, but it needs to be said so stay tuned.

One might argue that it’s blogs like this and people like me that have led to expert professionals like Tim to lose his job.  If you’re among them, allow me to politely yet vehemently disagree and say that the opposite is true: because traditional media outlets, particularly newspapers, no longer have full-time music critics, classical music fans rely on knowledgeable alternative sources like this for information and arts organizations turn to writers like me for coverage.  There can be and there should be place for all of us.  Alas, that is increasingly not the case.

The sad irony is that in addition to being the day Timothy Mangan was given his pink slip, yesterday also happened to mark the 5 year anniversary of the birth of All is Yar.  Frankly, neither “CK Dexter Haven” nor this little corner of the internet would exist if it weren’t for Tim.  If you haven’t already figured it out, my parents put a different name on my birth certificate. My nom de plume originated as my chosen identity when commenting on Tim’s columns on a long-gone version of the OC Register’s webpage.  No Tim, no CKDH.

Then, when I started up this particular enterprise, Tim’s early support helped solidify and legitimize All is Yar‘s existence.  He’s been a mentor and dare I say a friend, and I owe him a great debt.

Again, I could and should say more, but for now, let me just say, “Thank you, Tim. The next few rounds of whisky are on me.”



4 thoughts on “Music critic Tim Mangan gets laid off, quick notes from Ojai, and an anniversary

  1. Tim – you are already missed, just by knowing you will not be around to assess the nonsense of the world as we know it.
    But there will still be LA, regardless of past and potentially future challenges.
    Come home, please!

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