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Sixty-six seconds of awesomeness (video): virtuoso rendition of Tchaikovsky 4th on toy instruments

The Melodica Men — those crazy and talented guys that previously brought you “The Rite of Spring” on toy instruments — are back, this time with an impressive rendition of the finale of Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony.  It truly has to be seen and heard to be believed.  (See the video below)

Playing on their own custom-designed model “MM37” melodicas, Tristan Clarke (Principal Trumpet of the Jacksonville Symphony) and Joe Buono (Peabody trained composer and teacher) manage to defy the expectations one might have of these air-powered mini-keyboards.  Given their viral success and the visibility of Jon Batiste playing melodica as frontman for Stay Human, house band for  The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, could we be seeing the beginnings of a global melodica awakening?

Probably not.  But it’d be fun if it happened.  Enjoy the video!



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