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Tom Hooten will record John Williams Trumpet Concerto with composer conducting; idea to become reality thanks to successful Kickstarter

Thomas Hooten, Principal Trumpet of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, had a great idea:  record the John Williams Concerto for Trumpet and Piano.  He mentioned it to the distinguished composer who thought it was a great idea too and agreed to conduct the new recording.

Both of them decided to do it for free, but that wouldn’t be enough. Lead donors were engaged so that freelance orchestral musicians and other key personnel could be hired and the Sony Pictures soundstage reserved.   Things were looking good. They just needed the final $30,000 to fund the project.

So earlier this month, Mr. Hooten took to the internet to raise the balance needed from music fans around the globe.

The deadline to achieve this?  September 30, 2018.

Well, there must be many aficionados of Tom Hooten, John Williams, and/or trumpet music in general because the goal was met two weeks ahead of schedule.  Between the start of the campaign on September 5th and this past weekend, over 160 contributors pitched in.  Some gave via the website in amounts as small as $10, others as large as $5,000k+, and in many other increments in between.  All combined to break the $30,000 threshold, guaranteeing that the project will proceed as hoped.

The recording session will take place this coming Monday.  Working with Messrs. Hooten and Williams will be an 81-piece orchestra comprised of members of the deep pool of talented LA studio musicians combined with some of Mr. Hooten’s colleagues from the LA Phil.  In addition to the Trumpet Concerto, the theme from Born on the 4th of July will also be included.

That said, the donations haven’t stopped just because the desired number was achieved.  As of the time of publishing this article, total contributions had climbed to $33,307 and are likely to continue to grow.

If you haven’t already donated, you still can, and there are some pretty awesome perks that go along with your kind offering:

  • At the entry-level offering of $10, you get a personalized and signed note from Mr. Hooten himself
  • For $100, you get a signed CD of the recording, a digital download, and the aforementioned signed note from the trumpeter.
  • Got $1,500 and want some premier access to one of the world’s leading trumpeters?  You’ll receive 3 in-person or skype 1 hour-long sessions with Tom. These can be trumpet lessons, music career advisement, audition preparation, or work around performance anxiety.  Plus you get other cool stuff like a framed copy of the front page of the score signed by Mr. Hooten, your name will be listed in the liner notes of the CD, a signed copy of Mr. Hooten’s previous CD, Trumpet Call, and the other perks mentioned at the $100 level.
  • At $3,500, Mr. Hooten will perform a live and private 45 minute recital in Los Angeles, CA or anywhere in the world via Skype. Includes signed CD’s (Williams CD and Trumpet Call), and liner note recognition.
  • If you feel like stepping all the way up to $5,000, you get:
    • “A VIP experience! Attend the recording session live on September 24, 2018, in Los Angeles, CA. See John Williams and Thomas Hooten in action, where you can sit in the sound booth during the recording session.” Includes signed CD’s (Williams CD and Trumpet Call), signed copy (by Mr. Hooten) of the front page of the score, and liner note recognition.

Interested in supporting a bad-ass musician making great music?  Just head over to the campaign’s Kickstarter page in the next few days, and you too can be a part of this worthwhile musical endeavor.


Photo credit:  courtesy of Thomas Hooten

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