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Watch tonight — or stream online right now: LA Phil’s 100th Anniversary Concert on PBS “Great Performances”

Hello everyone.  Long time no chat.  Hope you’re all safe, healthy, and in good spirits during these challenging times.

I know I’ve been mostly incommunicado, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic went full-bore crazy; alas, my other non-CKDH personae have required my attention lately.  That said, I’ve been working on writing more (again). I’ve started multiple All is Yar stories and projects, with hope/plan that at least one will come to fruition sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, I suggest — nay, I implore — you do whatever you need to do to watch tonight’s episode of Great Performances on PBS (starting at 8:30pm Pacific Daylight Time; check your local listings if you’re in a different timezone).  Set your DVR, stream it via the PBS website, optimize alignment of your old-fashioned-yet-new-fangled-and-recently-rediscovered TV rabbit ears . . . whatever it takes.

Because tonight, the program will broadcast the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 100th Anniversary Concert from October 24, 2019, jointly conducted by Music Directors past and present:  Zubin Mehta (1962-1978), Esa-Pekka Salonen (1992-2009), and Gustavo Dudamel (2009-present).

In fact, if you’re impatient and can’t wait, the entire broadcast is available for streaming immediately via the PBS website.  A subscription fee is probably required, though at only $5/month, it’s well worth it IMHO even if you cancel after the first month; of course, it also allows you to watch this concert along with the entire PBS library for as long as you’re a subscriber.

Let me be absolutely clear:  if you don’t watch this concert, now or in the near future, YOU ARE WRONG.

I was there.  It was truly awesome — in the literal, “I was filled with awe” sense as well as the SoCal catch-all adjective for all things great and wonderful. The music included:

  • Wagner: Overture, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
  • Ravel:  La valse
  • Lutosławski:  Symphony No. 4
  • Stravinsky:  Suite, The Firebird (1919 version)
  • Bjarnason:  From Space I saw Earth for three conductors (world premiere)

The conductors led strong interpretations of the works and the orchestra played fabulously.  The world premiere from Daniel Bjarnason wasn’t splashy yet was still tons of fun in a quirky chillaxed kind of way, and having all three conductors onstage at the same time made that work particularly special.

Tonight’s broadcast is slated to be about just under 90 minutes long, which should mean that all the musical works will be presented uncut.

But wait, there’s more . . . 

  • At 7:30pm Pacific Time, one hour before the broadcast, the LA Phil will be hosting an online pre-concert party on Facebook featuring the orchestra’s musicians and staff sharing stories and observations from that auspicious night.  Once the broadcast begins, they’ll stay on their Facebook page for a live chat.
  • And if all that isn’t already enough, you can buy the Blu-ray or DVD set featuring the concert plus exclusive bonus footage which isn’t part of the broadcast. Currently, it’s only available through the LA Phil website.  It may or may not be on Amazon or via other retailers sometime in the future; just don’t look for it there right now.  It’d make a great Mother’s Day gift, don’t you think??!!!

Do some of it or do all of it.  Just don’t ignore or forget it.  You won’t be sorry.

Random other thoughts:

  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve been drinking a lot more at home than I used to.  Don’t worry, my overall alcohol consumption isn’t any different than the Before Covid epoch.  It’s just involved uncorking more bottles from my “wine cellar” (read:  conveniently subterranean closet in my garage) and pouring and mixing from my bar.  It’s one of the many topics about which I started writing yet haven’t completed . . . Anyway, the immediate issue is what I’m going to drink during tonight’s festivities.  Given the current warming trend in Southern California, I’m leaning towards something appropriately cool and summer-y.  I’ve narrowed it down to two choices:  (a) popping a bottle of “Le Rêve” sparkling wine from Domaine Carneros, or (b) mixing a negroni .  Decisions, decisions . . .


Photo credit:  courtesy of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

4 thoughts on “Watch tonight — or stream online right now: LA Phil’s 100th Anniversary Concert on PBS “Great Performances”

    • I’ve always been partial to Carpano Antica for sweet vermouth. When I’m out and about, I usually try a gin I’ve never had before or pick Bombay Sapphire if there is zero variety, but the only gin I have at home right now is what’s left of a hilariously large Costco-sized jug of Tanqueray left over from a party too long ago. It’s not ideal but it’s serviceable.

      What is/are your gin(s) of choice?


      • Very similar here! I love Carpano Antica. I think we ran out and need to buy a new bottled; in the meantime, we’ve got a bottle of Dolin Rouge and I think Martini & Rossi in the house as well. (Dolin on the recommendation of tenor Stuart Skelton!) At home, we’ve currently got Bombay Sapphire as well. It’s our regular house gin. We often have Hendricks and one of the St. George Cellars gins in the house too.


        • I’ve enjoyed the various St. George gins I’ve tried. I’ve been debating what to buy next, and Botanivore or Terroir are among the leading candidates. I’ve been meaning to try Gray Whale and Amass too.


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