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Pacific Symphony 2011-2012 season announced; I give my $0.02 about it

The Pacific Symphony announced details of their 2011-2012 winter season.  Timothy Mangan, music critic and blogger extraordinaire, refrained from comment (for now, at least) but invited others to share their thoughts instead.

I couldn’t resist. Click HERE to see what I thought.

The allegedly "renowned" Christoph König must have been cold during this photo shoot. Hopefully, they'll get the thermostat set properly at Segerstrom Concert Hall when he conducts the Pacific Symphony Feb. 2-4, 2012 (photo by Schmidt Artists International, Inc.)

3 thoughts on “Pacific Symphony 2011-2012 season announced; I give my $0.02 about it

    • I hope Mr. Konig turns out to be a bad-ass with a stick in February. It looks like he’s appearing this coming season with the Houston Symphony, where the local papers think every guest conductor is a candidate to replace the soon-to-retire Hans Graf as Music Director. I guess we’ll see.


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