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Results from LA Phil’s recent 2nd Horn audition

No official announcement from the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but it looks like their recent Second Horn audition was won by Gregory Roosa.

Mr. Roosa is currently horn player with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.  He joined that orchestra in 2003 after having held similar positions with the Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra and the Colorado Symphony.  He’s also played with a number of other orchestras including the Chicago Symphony and Detroit Symphony, among others.

He has played in the orchestra of the Colorado Music Festival since 1999.  It’s worth noting that Andrew Bain, who joined the LA Phil as Principal Horn this past September, has been Principal Horn of the festival since 2003, so the two musicians are familiar with each other’s playing.

2 thoughts on “Results from LA Phil’s recent 2nd Horn audition

  1. If there’s no official announcement or a signed contract, it’s pretty poor form to be posting this information. It can be very harmful to the audition candidate, especially at his current or former position. Consider removing the post?


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You’re certainly welcome to that point of view, and if I were giving up any confidences or secrets, than I’d agree with you that it is poor form. But I’m not divulging any secrets. I’ve never posted any audition results or orchestral appointments that haven’t been mentioned on some other public venue or website. In fact, I sat on this information until it showed up somewhere else even though I had heard it earlier.

      If I make a mistake, I will happily correct it. If the subject of the post were to contact me and ask me to redact information about him/her, I’d consider it. Otherwise, I’ll respectfully decline to change this post.


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