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Happy Birthday, “All is Yar”

Exactly one year ago today, All is Yar was born.

Many heartfelt thanks to the musicians, writers, composers, music fans, wine drinkers, mixology enthusiasts, and all of you who have read and continue to read my reviews and musings.  In the past year, this blog has grown bigger and faster than I would have imagined.  It’s been a great ride so far, and I’m looking forward to many more years of reviewing, writing, and blogging.

A special tip of the cap to my fellow bloggers who got the word out early about this blog’s existence, and especially those of you that offered support and encouragement along the way.

BTW:  In case you were wondering, the post that has been read more than all the others over the course of the past year has been THIS ONE.  Nearly a year after it was written, it still gets multiple hits every day.  Seems like juxtaposing audition results involving a very popular trumpeter with a story about a surprise encounter with a Playboy Playmate (at a place that *sigh* sadly no longer exists) is a winning combination.

So, you might ask, how do I plan to celebrate?  For starters:  a visit to the beach (let’s hope this June gloom burns off).  It’ll end, appropriately enough, with a concert:  the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s season ending tribute to Henryk Górecki.  In between, I’m sure there’ll be an interesting beverage or two.  Hope you come back in a day or two to see what I thought about it all.

Again, many thanks!

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