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Los Angeles Philharmonic Association & LA Phil musicians sign new 4-year contract

LA Phil playing Rite of Spring 2012

The management and musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic sent out a joint press-release today announcing that a new four-year contract has been ratified.

High points of the agreement include:

·     annual increases to the musicians’ minimum weekly scale wages, which, in the final year of the contract, will increase to $2968.00.  (NOTE:  for you mathematically challenged, that equated to a base annual salary of $154,336)

·     managing the Association’s healthcare expenses through restructured healthcare plan offerings.

·    additional compensation elements include a housing allowance and new contributions to a 403(b)

It has been many decades since the LA Phil has had any kind of public labor dispute.  Given the ongoing labor strife through which the Minnesota Orchestra is suffering, recent cuts made by many orchestras, and strikes (or threats of strikes) at “successful” orchestras such as the Chicago Symphony, the New York Philharmonic, and the San Francisco Symphony, it is refreshing to see such a cordial and productive relationship between orchestral management and musicians.

The rest of the full text of the press release is below:



Sophie Jefferies

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association


Vince Trombetta

President, Professional Musicians, Local 47






September 16, 2013—The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association (LA Phil) and Professional Musicians, Local 47, today jointly announced an agreement on a new four-year labor contract, effective immediately.

“The collegial spirit in which issues were addressed and a new contract reached are emblematic of the collective commitment of the musicians, Gustavo Dudamel, and the board and staff of the LA Phil to maintain the very finest musical organization. It is my privilege to work with as fine a group of artists and people as one can imagine,” said Deborah Borda, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association.

Vince Trombetta, President of Professional Musicians, Local 47, praised the hard work and diligence of the Union’s bargaining committee and stated: “We are extremely pleased that the bargaining teams for the Union and the Association have reached agreement on a new contract for the talented musicians of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and that our members enthusiastically ratified the contract. Both sides want the same thing: to employ musicians of the highest caliber and protect their wages, benefits, and safety conditions and have the best Orchestra in the world. The Union is encouraged that the parties were able to join together and overcome the obstacles present in today’s difficult bargaining and economic environment.”

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