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Foo Fighters, MTT, and the LA Phil (AKA how I’m spending my weekend)


It’s been a fun and interesting week.  I’ve been spending a few days in Las Vegas  for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show,  checking out the endless forest of 100″ 8k super-mega-ultra-uber-HD TVs, robots that sing and/or play beer pong, and acres of other mind-blowing/mind-numbing technology that will grace our homes, offices, and bodies (“wearable technology” is the new black).

When I wasn’t doing that, I’ve been reading as many of the responses to my “Choosing nine symphonies” post (or #choosing9symphonies for the Twitter inclined) as I’ve able to.  I’m rather tickled that my puzzle/challenge/game has resonated so well in and out of the blogosphere.  I’ve started to compile some summary statistics and other geeky data for the responses and am hoping to share some of the interesting results next week.

But first, two very different concerts are on the agenda this weekend:

  • Tonight (Saturday) — Foo Fighters:  Dave Grohl and the boys decided to do a little home-town gig at The Forum before embarking on their Sonic Highways tour.  Just them, no opening act, “singing like a bluebird in the round” as it were.  They gave less than a week’s notice, and predictably, tickets sold out in less time than the four bar rest it took Joe Walsh to come in during his guest guitar solo in “Outside.”  Special thanks to Tim Strempfer, bad-ass photographer and friend of All is Yar, for braving the interwebs to procure some tickets.
  • Tomorrow (Sunday) — Michael Tilson Thomas conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic & Los Angeles Master Chorale:  MTT has been spending this weekend (his last before turning 70-years old) hanging out with the LA Phil & LAMC doing Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis.  I’ll be at tomorrow’s matinée.

Look out for reviews of both concerts in the coming days.

Much more to write about too (like, why does the LA Phil have another Principal Flute audition coming up?), but I’ve gotta get on the road here in Las Vegas to make sure I get back to LA in time for the show.

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