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The Air Force Hymn (original lyrics)

On this Memorial Day, I offer the “Air Force Hymn” sung by the United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale.

Note that it’s not the “Air Force Song” with which most are familiar (i.e. “Off we go into the wild blue yonder . . . “).  Also note that the current official version has slightly different, more gender neutral lyrics than that sung on the video (“Lord guard and guide all those who fly . . . “).  UPDATE:  I also should mention that while there are four verses to the Air Force Hymn, it is tradition in most instances to sing only the first and the fourth, as is done here.

The video features images of the T-38 Talon, the Air Force’s supersonic jet trainer for 50 years.  It is perhaps best known as the chase plane used by NASA during all of the Space Shuttle landings, but was also used by the Air Force’s Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron from 1974-83.

Please enjoy this fine singing and say a prayer of thanks and remembrance for everyone in uniform who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice defending their country.


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