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Marc Lachat will be the next LA Phil Principal Oboe

I hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so.

Reliable sources — from multiple time zones, FWIW — have confirmed that Marc Lachat has been offered the position of Principal Oboe of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Of the six finalists I identified previously, as many as four were “qualified” by the orchestra’s audition committee, and Gustavo Dudamel (Music & Artistic Director) chose him.

Just as importantly, he’s planning on taking the job, even if all the contract details may still need to be finalized. No word yet on whether we’ll see and hear him with the orchestra this summer at the Hollywood Bowl or if he’ll wait until they move back to Walt Disney Concert Hall in the fall before making an appearance.

He currently is Principal Oboe of the Basel Symphony Orchestra and also is a member of the Zurich Chamber Orchestra. He fills the chair that has been vacant since fall of 2018 when Ramon Ortega resigned after a brief tenure.

More analysis and commentary to follow in the coming days. For now, congratulations to Mr. Lachat and to everyone in the Los Angeles Philharmonic!



Photo credit: courtesy of Sinfonieorchester Basel

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