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A familiar voice expands his reach

Brian Lauritzen — radio personality extraordinaire, under-appreciated cellist, and friend of All is Yar — is known primarily for his smooth, easy-going voice on Classical KUSC (that’d be 91.5FM for all of you who still listen to terrestrial radio in Southern California), as well as podcasts for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Opera, and Concrete Voices.   But you know, that isn’t quite enough, is it?

Mr. Lauritzen has now joined that elite cadre of those blogging about life and classical music . . . okay, wait, that’s not entirely accurate.  He’s been blogging for a while, just on other people’s sites.  Now, he’s finally got a place on the interwebs that he can call his very own, conveniently titled “Brian Lauritzen” and found at www.brianlauritzen.com.

Among his many past and current accomplishments and honors, he can now include onto his resume his status as a privileged member of the All is Yar blogroll.  Congratulations, Mr. Lauritzen.

Incidentally, if you want to hear some of Mr. Lauritzen’s handy work hosting the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s weekly broadcasts on KUSC, click HERE to catch the program streaming online.   This week happens to feature the concert from earlier this season with Esa-Pekka Salonen conducting the world premiere of  Shostokovich’s Orango and the same composer’s Symphony No. 4 (my own thoughts from that concert HERE).  Besides the benefit of getting to hear Mr. Lauritzen host an awesome concert, you get the additional bonus of not having to endure Peter Sellar’s exceedingly tedious videos shown in Walt Disney Concert Hall during the live performances.


Photo credit: classicalkusc.wordpress.com

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