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LA Phil gives two offers for new clarinet and trumpet

Andrew LowyGustavo Dudamel is in the midst of a two-week stint at the Hollywood Bowl, conducting an eclectic mix of music ranging from the usual summer classical offerings by Beethoven to less common Bowl fare such as verismo opera and Pan-American music of various genres.  Tonight’s program even includes the premiere performances of Mr. Dudamel’s own score for the movie Libertador.

His residency has also afforded the LA Phil an opportunity to try to fill some of their empty seats.  The orchestra typically holds auditions and trials only when he is around since, as Music Director, he has the final say on any hiring decisions.  And, according to the word on the street, make some decisions he has:

Last week, the orchestra held auditions for their 2nd/E-flat Clarinet chair vacated this past October when Monica Kaenzig left the orchestra for family reasons.  At the end of the process, Andrew Lowy was offered the job.  Mr. Lowy is currently Principal Clarinet of the North Carolina Symphony, a position he earned in 2010 at the ripe-ol’ age of 22 while still a graduate student of Yehuda Gilad at the USC Thornton School of Music.  He did his undergraduate work at Harvard University.

beaulacNext, Stéphane Beaulac, was offered the Third Trumpet chair after a successful trial week.  He is currently Solo Trumpet of Montreal’s Orchestre Métropolitain, having held the position since 2002.

I look forward to seeing and hearing both of these gentlemen with the Los Angeles Philharmonic soon.  No word yet on when their official start date may be.


Photo credits:

  • Andrew Lowy (in tuxedo):  courtesy of The Courier-Tribune of Asheboro, NC
  • Andrew Lowy (in blue shirt):  courtesy of the North Carolina Symphony
  • Stéphane Beaulac:  courtesy of the Orchestre Métropolitain

13 thoughts on “LA Phil gives two offers for new clarinet and trumpet

  1. Any update on these two gentlemen?
    Acceptance, already moving, or ?
    I’m ready for the Disney Hall season with them among the troops!


  2. Both were very prominent during today’s concert.
    Two welcome additions.
    But where is Ariana Ghez?
    she has been missing more often than a principal should be.


  3. Any update on Andrew? Saw him opening week, yet not last week.
    His name does not appear anywhere on the LA Phil’s web-site of the orchestra membership.
    And he remains the principal of the NC Orchestra!


  4. December 1 has come and gone, and Andrew is now officially a member of the orchestra, and appears on the website too!!!
    Now as to the trombone and 3rd trumpet issues….


    • The audition for the principal trombone position is still in progress. The third trumpeter, on the other hand, has been on the roster – and of course performing with the orchestra – for several months already. By the way, the new third horn player has been hired last month and CK will probably mention it here very soon.


      • Yes, MMARKK is right, I’m putting together an update on the 3rd Horn audition. Hint: frequent “All is Yar” readers will recognize her name.

        I also noticed Andrew Lowy’s name appearing on the LA Phil’s newly revamped website as predicted. Originally, it appeared below below David Howard’s but has since been moved above since Mr. Lowy is officially 2nd clarinet; however, the website still doesn’t list him separately as E-flat clarinet the way Mr. Howard is listed separately as bass clarinet. I assume that will get fixed soon.


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